Give Your Church Access to a Digital Church Library until June 30—Free

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How much free time do your members have compared to a couple of months ago? Most travel is postponed, kids’ sports are cancelled, and many people are working from home due to the coronavirus crisis.

But times like these are where churches can thrive. Encourage your church members to grow spiritually through this crisis by recommending solid resources they can walk through—on their own or with their family.

Since this is such a key time for churches like yours, we're offering a Digital Church Library from Logos for everyone in your church. Get it for free now and your whole church will have access through June 30, 2020. Each person in your church only needs one login to access edifying books, theology courses, and more. There’s something for everyone in your digital pews, from the new believer to your biggest theology nerd (and we mean that in the best way!).

There is no credit card required to get access to this library. Simply sign your church up for a church group below, follow the steps to check out with the library for free, and invite your members and attendees to join your group.

*The library will automatically be removed from your group on June 30, 2020. There is no subscription to cancel, and there are no fees to worry about. Enjoy the library as a free resource for your church until that date.

Hundreds of Resources for the Spiritually Hungry

Can't make it to your church library? This massive collection of resources brings quality Christian resources to your computer or mobile device through the power of Logos. Go deeper in your Bible study with these critical resources. Plus, get the added benefit of a completely digital library—no more rummaging through print books looking for that favorite quote or Bible passage.

Also included in this library are several English Bible translations, audio Bibles, audiobooks, Bible dictionaries, and more. See a complete list of what is included in your library here.

Step 1: Check Out with Licenses for Your Congregation

Enter the number of licenses you need below and follow the steps to purchase licenses for your church group. The licenses are completely free. You will want to make sure you check out with enough licenses for everyone in your church group to receive one.

Digital Church Library (818 resources)

Digital Church Library (818 resources)

Price: FREE


*Limit 1,000 licenses. For larger congregations, please contact our Church Support Center to unlock more licenses. Available for church groups only.

*Are you a church member looking for access to a library during this season? Check with your church to see if they are participating in this program, or send this page to your church administrator or pastor so they can create a group for your church and get you started.

Step 2: Verify Your Group’s Privacy Settings

For your church members to access the library, they will need to find your church group on Faithlife. To make sure they can find the group, check that the privacy levels are at “private” or “public” by navigating to Settings > Group Settings in the sidebar of your group page and looking under the Privacy and Safety heading for your group.

Step 3: Invite Your Members

Invite your church members and attendees to your church’s online group to give them library access.

Wondering how to tell your church about the library? Here's a newsletter template you can use to help spread the word:

Our church is working with Faithlife (the makers of Logos Bible Software) to make sure you have access to a digital church library during this unique season. Enjoy these resources for free through our church Faithlife group until June 30th, 2020.

This library includes more than 800 resources including devotionals, Christian classics, commentaries and theological works, and seminary-level online courses. To get access to the digital church library, follow the instructions here. We hope you enjoy this free library and grow deeper in your faith during this season!

No matter how you tell your members about this library, be sure to send your congregants to our access instructions page if they want more information on how to access their libraries with Logos.

Step 4: Learn together

Now that you have a Faithlife group for your church, you can take advantage of the many other communication tools through the Faithlife platform.

For example, you can post announcements, create discussion topics or subgroups, schedule calendar events, send out newsletters, and more. Faithlife is a great way to keep your entire community connected during this unusual time.

Looking for more resources during this time? See our other free and low-cost solutions for churches, pastors, and families on our resource page.